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I have travelled many times with Thakur and Vividnepaltrekking and it was a really nice experience.

They are experienced guides with a good knowledge of English and also very good in organise and planning your trip.
Even when you arive in Kathmandu they are picking you up from the airport and help you with everytning whats needed.

Edwin Jonker

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  1. Nico Ivens Reply

    I can agree with Edwin.

    I have done several treks with Thakur (even before he started with Vividnepaltrekking) and therefor I have spent many weeks with Thakur in the beautiful mountains of Nepal.

    Thakur is a very friendly person, interested in getting to know you. He is a good organiser and a great guide who likes to take about Nepal, its nature and culture.

    We are still in touch and coming back to Nepal is definitely on my wish list.

    Nico Ivens (Belgium)

  2. Beth Reply

    Kanchenjunga tea house trek – Sept – Oct 2017

    My partner and I spent 21 days trekking around Kanchenjunga, visiting north then south base camp. This is an excellent and fairly comfortable tea house trek in to beautiful and relatively quiet areas. In our 3 weeks we crossed paths with only 14 other trekkers!

    We recommend Thakur very highly. He speaks excellent English. He is a very nice person, happy to humour our attempts to cut costs where we could – in fact we’re sure he saved us money with his negotiating skills. We enjoyed socialising together in the evenings but he also gave us our own space when we wanted it. Although he is actually from close to the Manaslu trekking area, he quickly built up a rapport with the locals, finding the best places to stay and passing on interesting facts about the area and wildlife to us.
    His 15 years trekking experience and training as a tour guide shine through!

    Max and Beth, UK

  3. Taylor Bell Reply

    Kanchenjunga Circuit, Oct-Nov 2017

    There were three of us plus Thakur on this trip, which lasted for 24 days in total. I think it was about 20 or 21 days of actual trekking/rest days, and then a few days of transport to and from the trail head. Thakur took care of everything and as far as I know he helped us to get a great deal on all of it. Every place that we stayed was well-planned and completely fine.

    As far as guides go, I honestly think that Thakur was one of the best guides out there on the entire circuit. You can honestly tell, around other groups, the difference that a good guide can make. He is extremely adaptable, always genial, and just really great at his job in general. He was always in the common room and the kitchen for a game of cards or a chat or a debriefing in the mornings and evenings, but he also always knew when to give the group some space. Everything was carried out respectfully, and he helped the older woman in our group a ton. He would carry her things when he needed to, always offered encouragement, and exercised a huge amount of patience and happiness in every moment. He is very transparent with all of the prices and everything that’s going on business-wise, which is something that I think a lot of tourists take for granted. And he was never indignant about any of this. That was the most important part.

    Oh yeah, and he also helped me to plan the short little 3 day trip up to Poon Hill on the Ghandruk Loop afterwards. So it’s clear that he knows a lot about that area as well. Thanks for an awesome trip! Hopefully see you again soon.

  4. NIck Newman Reply

    Just wanted to say thanks to Thakur for taking us on the Poon Hill Trek last year. The service we received was fantastic with Thakur being very accommodating with our requests – we were very interested in meeting locals and understanding the local way of life. Thakur was happy to share not only his knowledge of the area, but also his religion. We were able to walk at our own pace, had great food, and comfortable beds at night. We became close friends with Thakur and spent some time with his family post trek. The comfortable walks through breathtaking scenery are an amazing experience which are made more so by the connection we made with Thakur, Gurung and later his family. Thanks again Thakur and hopefully we will be back soon!

  5. Piotr Niewinski Reply

    This April we did a spectacular Goyko Ri – Cho La – Everest Base Camp trek. Our entire trekking experience was simply perfect. That was possible due to our excellent guide – Thakur Dahal. He knew every step of the trek by heart and was always willing to discuss different options so the trekking was truly customized according to our wishes. Thakur was very caring, so that we did not need to worry about accommodation or food at any stage of our travel. All of that was sorted out for us so we could solely focus on the atmosphere, scenery and tranquillity of Himalaya. What needs to be pointed out is Thakur`s vast knowledge regarding local culture, religion and history. He was able to answer (in perfect English) to all our questions – in fact I think we spent several hours talking about different aspects of life in Nepal (which by itself was very enjoyable). During the trek we were able to observe other guides and I have to say that we were very lucky to travel with Thakur – his experience, professionalism and communication skills were really top notch. Thank you and hopefully see you again some day in Nepal.

    Piotr and Ola (doctors from Poland)

  6. Jeremy Scudder Reply

    Before arriving to Nepal I had plans to complete the Manaslu + Tsum Valley Circuit Trek with my friend. I’m quite an independent traveller preferring to find things on my own so the idea of hiring a guide was a bit daunting for me. But my worries were alleviated when we found Thakur, our guide.

    Our adventure began even before our trek started…. we were lucky enough to be invited to Thakur’s family wedding in Kathmandu as honorary guests! On the first night of our trek we stayed in Thakur’s family home where we were treated to an amazing dal bhat meal and a tour of his village where he grew up. During our 18 days together Thakur was a wealth of knowledge, providing us with information about local cultures, flora, fauna, religion and helping me out with my poor Nepalese – one particular instance was when we visited the Rachen Gumpa in the Tsum Valley and Thakur managed to get us a meeting with an enlightened Lama (a truly incredible experience). His calm demeanour and generosity shows with his experience in the industry as he has been a guide for many years. We were able to discuss many different topics with him over late night (9pm is late when you’re in the mountains) card games from politics to education. After completing our trek I had an extra day in Kathmandu and (of course) Thakur invited me over to his home for my final (and best) dal bhat meal in Nepal. All I can say is – Thakur really went above and beyond to provide us with the best experience possible and his actions reflect that. Thank you Thakur for a truly lifechanging experience in the mountains. I will be back soon!

  7. Julia Reply

    We went on the Kanchenjunga trek with Thakur in October 2019 and visited both the North and South Base camps. We had such a wonderful time together. He was telling us so much about his culture, the local people, the Himalayas… He is better than the best guide you could ever wish for. We could talk about everything with him; he was very kind and open-minded. He was also very relaxed and flexible on the trek, bringing us to the tea houses that would fit the most our wishes. We really appreciated every single moment spent with him on the 24-day trek and can heartily recommend him.

    Thakur, thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us such a memorable time in the Himalayas. We are looking forward to seeing you again.

    Julia (France) & Thomas (Germany)

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