Dakshinkali hiking is popular day package trip near by Kathmandu. Dakshinkali is a religious goddess worshiped by hindu. She is equally venerated by the Buddhist and other Nepalese. Because of the Tantric influence, she is represented as Skelton without flesh and blood, very symbolic. She represents the eternal time and lives next to the cremation ground. Near Dakshinkali one can visit ancient pharping village offers many art objects. It is believed that Guru Padmasamba also known as Rinpoche, the founder of Lamaistic School of Buddhism in Tibet. There is Guru Rinpoche’s cave where on can see Guru Rinpoche’s residence and reminder such as hand print, foot print , Head print and other parts of the body. Every day many Buddhist Pilgrimage visit there. Many buddhist monasteries are built around there. Chovar is famous of its gorge. Ascending two minutes reach of the Adinath temple, full of pots and pans offered, it is strange to see the entire temple is covered with Brass pot.

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